WASA Is What We Make of It

In this review of my term as WASA president, I reflect on the past year. WASA has had a successful run, welcoming a large class of eager, bright, and brilliant incoming first year students at the beginning of the year. This year, WASA reinstated the three large events that should occur every year- the Mamaland cultural show, Africa Week, and Spring Film Festival. WASA has hosted well attended parties, mixers, and meetings with the common goal of celebrating the African presence and existence both on and off campus.

As I contemplate the events of this year, as well as the outstanding achievements of my executive board, several words come to mind: duty, legacy, and strength.

First, duty. During my time in WASA, I feel a tether to this grand organization. There is a comforting and empowering quality to WASA that drives me to serve it to the best of my abilities. I like to think that my sense of duty to WASA inspires others to keep it alive and successful, not unlike protecting a flame so as not to let it die out. I believe that as we are dutiful to WASA during our time at Wellesley, it will only grow in its influence and its fostering of community and support.

Secondly, legacy. In wrapping up this presidency in addition to my time at Wellesley, I aspire to transmit all that I have learned to the next presidents and executive boards. I think a lot about including all information so that WASA members decades from now can see that WASA has progressed as a direct result of the people involved in it- the people who love it. The WASA legacy is indicative of those who founded it, sheltered it, fought for it, and fostered it. It preserved because of its members’ need to preserve it. I am eager to see how magnificently the WASA legacy will prevail.

Thirdly, strength. By strength, I do not refer to the strength it take to be a Wellesley student. Instead, I refer to strengthening of each other within WASA by taking care of and providing for each other. I refer to the strength it takes to listen to one another, to validate each other, and to love each other. By strength, I remember finding a home in WASA and feeling so instantly comfortable in a space that I felt I could grow in. My sense of myself in a homogenous space became synonymous with pride and perseverance, my sense of self strengthened by discussions and kinds words of my fellow WASA siblings. By strength, I mean strength in numbers.

As new eboard begins their term, I have full faith that these words remain in the hearts of WASA members. They will not let the flame die. They will fight for WASA, foster it, and strengthen it. And with time, they will transmit these principles onto newer members. WASA will persevere because they will need it to persevere. They will stand tall because they stand on the shoulders of those who came before them. Thank you.

Fatoumata Bah ’18 | WASA President 2017-18


Our Social Chair!

Leading up to the election of our new e-board, I thought it would be cool for WASA alums and supporters to get to know our current e-board a little better before we introduce new folks to y’all. WASA’s e-board election results are revealed on April 8th.

This week we have our social chair, Sisan Agbeyegbe ’20. Sisan is our social chair.


I am a Nigerian born and partially raised, realistic and rather logical 19 year old. I am majoring in Economics and aspiring towards Consulting. I loooove volleyball and dancing, and can often be found singing in and out of my room (shout out to Colour is Music!). I have an affinity for cats and firmly believe that if I were an animal, I would be in the feline family 😻. PINEAPPLES HAVE A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART🍍💞.

As social chair, Sisan has been responsible for organizing social events with WASA members and African students outside of the Wellesley community. Sisan has been doing a great job and is excited about finishing the year strong!

My E-Board position for WASA is Social Chair, as Social Chair I have endeavored to organize social event for WASA member that give them opportunities to engage and network with African students in the Boston area. Aside from generally just enjoying social interactions and event planning, I wanted to specifically engineer events for WASA members that  would enable them to meet people they might otherwise never get a chance to interact with. I have so far planned and executed a highly successful party, and I have several more events planned for the hopefully warmer weather of April and May!

She would like to leave you with some quotes.

“If something bothers you, change it. If you’re not willing to put in the effort needed to change it then it is quite likely you’re not bothered enough.”  -Sisan

“I avoid stress by realizing that it does nothing to change anything. Yes, diamonds are made under pressure, but excess pressure shatters even diamonds”   -Sisan

Check back in next time!
Laïssa Christelle Alexis

Our President!

Leading up to the election of our new e-board, I thought it would be cool for WASA alums and supporters to get to know our current e-board a little better before we introduce new folks to y’all. WASA’s e-board election results are revealed on April 8th.

Introducing Fatoumata Bah ’18, WASA’s current president!


I’m Fatou, and I love WASA so much that I am incorporating it into my graduation cap design. Really though, I am a Harlem native with direct roots to Nigeria and The Gambia, and I have truly found my place on campus through WASA. My hobbies include singing, spending money I don’t have, and living life!

Fatou’s been very involved in the WASA community during her time at Wellesley.

I’ve held a ton of WASA positions since my sophomore year. Currently, I am WASA President, Colour is Music Chair, and Mamaland Co-Coordinator. In my time on WASA E-board, I’ve hosted parties and study breaks, roundtables and senior sendoffs, barbecues and cultural shows, meetings and talkbacks. I hope that the impression that I’ve left behind is positive on current and future WASA
WASA is Fatou’s place at Wellesley and she wanted to give back.
When I found my place in WASA, I realized that I wanted to help others create their own spaces in our network of support and discussion.

Check back in next time!
Laïssa Christelle Alexis

Emma Burke ’20

Leading up to the election of our new e-board, I thought it would be cool for WASA alums and supporters to get to know our current e-board a little better before we introduce new folks to y’all. WASA’s e-board election results are revealed on April 8th.

Introducing Emma Burke ’20. She is the current first-year coordinator. She and her co, Maryem Neberai ’20 were responsible for helping first year’s get comfortable at Wellesley. Here is Emma in her own words.


I wanted to become more involved with WASA and felt that holding a leadership position would allow that. Maryem Neberai’ 20 and I have worked together to plan events that are for both First-Years and the entire club. These events are designed to create a space where First-Years can get to know one another and also get to know current members.

Check back in next time!
Laïssa Christelle Alexis


Introducing E-board 2017-18

Hi Everyone;

Leading up to the election of our new e-board, I thought it would be cool for WASA alums and supporters to get to know our current e-board a little better before we introduce new folks to y’all. WASA’s e-board election results are revealed on April 8th.

First up, we have Oliva ’21! Olivia Akinsunmoye is a current first-year, Class of 2021. She  will be the first-year coordinator and will help our next class, 2022, get settled at Wellesley.


Here is Olivia in her own words!

  1. I’m a Naija-American girl, a Biology major & aspiring physician from Providence, Rhode Island.

  2. I love Jesus, singing, dancing, Biology, and laughing at memes from black twitter.

  3. I love being a part of WASA because of the way we laugh together and engage with one another.

My position on E-Board is a First-Year coordinator. I have voiced the concerns of First years in WASA, and next year I will plan events for incoming first-years. I wanted to join E-Board to get more involved in WASA.

Olivia’s favorite quote:
“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path”  Psalm 119:10

Check back next time for our next e-boarder highlight.
–Laïssa Christelle Alexis

A Great End to a Year.

As I prepare to have my final e-board and executive meetings, I must say it has been quite an eventful year with all kinds of emotions. Yesterday, we had our senior sendoff & turnover BBQ. While no one actually grilled (being that all the food was ordered), we the seniors appreciated the thoughtful gifts and video put together in celebration of our 4 years spent at Wellesley.


Some of eyes cried, some teary eyed, at the statements given in acknowledgement of the many things that some of the seniors had done for the underclasswomen.

Pictures of this will be up soon on our Facebook Page in the albums section – https://www.facebook.com/WellesleyAfricans/photos . Stay tuned.

Let’s highlight WASA’s well-planned happenings this semester (not including co-sponsored events with WASA, ORSL, Harambee House, Slater, the Sexual Health Educators, and Africana Studies).

  1. An Alumnae Fireside Chat.

11053917_1011041218956085_2713651253363197650_o (1)



2. Africa Week Photo Campaign



3. Spring Film Festival (showing Poverty Inc with a Q&A session with the producer, An African City Season 1, Beasts of No Nation, Half of a Yellow Sun, B for Boy & Big Men.



4. Lunchtime Workshop with Teju Cole








6. Volunteering at Rosie’s Place



Enjoy this video of the Kenyans on campus having a blast during Marathon Monday.

Happy finals and enjoy the best of the summer.

Cindy Coffee | Outgoing President 2015-16