Welcome to the 2015-2016 Academic Year WASA!

Greetings and Happy Labor Day!,

We have officially completed a successful orientation week, first week of classes and activities on (and off) campus!

This semester’s Org Fair saw the largest number of students expressing interest in WASA ever. We had 34 students (2017, 2018 & 2019) sign up.

The new WASA members (including the first year WASA Class of 2019) as it stands today, identifies ethnically or culturally as being from Burundi(1), South Africa(2), Nigeria(9), Togo(1), Ghana(1), South Korea(1), Liberia(1), Haiti(2), Morocco(1), Egypt(1), Sierra Leone(1), Cameroon(1), Mexico(2), Zimbabwe(1), Sudan(1), Hong Kong(2), Cape Verde(1), USA(7), El Salvador(1), Kenya(2), Rwanda(1), Guyana(1), and Botswana(1).

These numbers include students who identified with two or more countries.

As of this day, the 83 Wellesley students (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019) that make up WASA can be broken down as consisting of:

65.06% being

  1. Internationals (i.e. born and raised on the African continent),
  2. Immigrants/Expats***/Third Culture Individuals (TCI’s/TCK’s) (i.e. born and raised on the African continent but spent years living somewhere other than the African continent for various reasons) and
  3. First-Generation (i.e. only branch in family tree to be born and raised outside of the African continent)

… and 34.94% being

  1. Students born in other countries but spent years living on the African continent,
  2. Students who have visited the African continent, and
  3. Students with interests in African affairs.

This membership dynamic often provides three different POV’s regarding situations during every WASA meeting about cultural, political and socio-economic issues affecting the African continent or people’s of the African continent and/or diaspora.

Speaking on behalf of the current executive board, we are glad to have you all!

To know more about the current executive board, please click here.

Also apply for open positions during Fall elections. More information about that will be sent out via email soon.

We are currently in the planning stages for the official Mamaland 2015. Interested in performing? Kindly email rkotane@wellesley.edu

A huge thank you to the 48 people who made it to WASA’s first meeting yesternight, despite all the interesting events that were happening in the Greater Boston Area due to the Labor Day weekend! This successful meeting would not have been possible without you!

[Cindy Coffee | President]

*** = The difference has to do with intention: Immigrants stay while expats eventually leave. An immigrant is classically understood as a person who is staying permanently whereas expat derives from the verb “to expatriate,” which has more to do with leaving a homeland than settling in a new one. In other words, that tie back to the homeland is not lost, and an expat seems to possess the option and means to go back whenever they please.